Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Annual Yearly Perenial Report (Feb 2005)

Some of our so-called comedy highlights of 2005, reposted by me in condensed one-post form. I don't mean to sound whiny, but JEEBUS I crank out a lot of attempted skits and jokes for you people.

You poor, poor, people.

Captions & Miscellaneous Lifeforms not included

February 2005:

-- Conservative Think-Tankers read childrens' stories to real, as opposed to virtual children.

-- I probably should apologize to Bob Dylan. Get in line.

-- Conservative Web Addresses

-- Jonah Goldberg brings, well, Jonah Goldberg to a brain fight.

-- Ann Coulter vs. Canada

-- This was really funny at the time -- now it seems really cliched.

-- Jonah Goldberg's "On-Star" emergency.

-- Great Scotties in history.

-- Right Wing Maven's make the sequel to "Sex in the City" -- be afraid, very afraid.

-- A fake, yet scarily lifelike David Brooks column...much like David Brooks.

-- George Bush does Germany.

-- I'd like to apologize to the Cole Porter estate.

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