Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The McCain Initiative

In an attempt to get down on his knees and appear as much a supplicant as anyone, serial Bush-hugger John McCain said this about high school biology classrooms and whether students should actually be taught science or fairy tales:


Oh there's a educational plan.

Let teenagers decide, okay -- if, I, the teenage Atta J. Turk, had power over my high school curriculum it would have gone like this:

-- No Calculus
-- More Blowjobs
-- Free Candy
-- Free Pot
-- Every teenage girl is a Cheerleader (a Cheerleader that gives Blowjobs)
-- Who lives, Who dies?
-- Shopteachers with a full set of Fingers
-- Attendance Optional
-- Pants Optional

Your mileage may have varied.

The point is, of course, that teenagers are not fit to determine what gets taught. But if you told them they were, they might think you were the cool teacher.

And that is what McCain is all about.

But we know what is he actually all about:

Snuggling afterwards.

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