Monday, December 19, 2005


Bend over America, because that's what your press like to do.

Good thing so many of them have foot fetishes, because when the President speaks they sure end up fixating on them while taking it up the proverbial ass.

How is Bush coming within a mile of "candor" actually a story that gets positive spin?

Should not the story be the fact that the guy has been lying out of his ass about Iraq for three years, and continues to do so, while finally admitting the obvious?

It wasn't the critics that made the decision, it wasn't critics that implemented disastrous policy decisions, and it isn't the critics that will lose one fucking thing. It's the critics that have been right all along.

But we cannot mention that now can we?

We peaceniks can never be allowed to be right in the face of America militarism. It's always about being a "man" enough to blow de shit up isn't it? The person of peace, meanwhile tends to get a bullet in the face.

Nice system we've got here huh?

Digby has a few thoughts too.

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