Sunday, March 05, 2006

Laura Bush is.... FLYING NUMB!

From FOX, the most inspirational show since Skating with the Stars:

Theme Song:

"What a drag it is being old
Things are different today
Since 9/11 my Georgie say
Peace and Prosperity's a bore,
So I take one of my pills
and I can fly away my ills
It's amazing what a little
drug can do."

Laura Bush was just your run of the mill First Lady, until she discovered that a strange combination of Xanax Extra Strength, Virginia Slims and Makers Mark gave her the ability to fly -- you know like Mohammad or Sally Field.

George: Say Lump how about you and me go on a bike ride?

Laura: But George, you know the NSC briefing this morning said that they believed a dirty bomb had been smuggled into the port of New York.

George: Ah, my friends the Abu Dabai Doodies would never let such a thing happen. It's no sweat. I wanna go on a bike ride. Either you're with me or agin' me.

Laura: George, why don't you go biking with Condi? I was going to fly out to see Jenna.

Bush: But the other one is here. You know, um, the one we named after my mother.

Laura: Sorry, George, but Jenna needs me.

And with that, Laura Bush takes flight across America!

After visiting her daughter, it's time for a small detour to deal with her long-time tormentor!

Bomb's away!

Eat this you old hag!

Join us next week when Laura flies over the Vice-President's mansion:

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