Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fuck Yoo

I don't remember seeing that as a title to a post anywhere, but I'm confident I'm probably at least the 500th blogger to do so. If a post has been more execrable than the one John Yoo tosses up at the New York Times today ... for the purpose of excusing Bush, gettin' him some torture, and making the President into a virtual dictator...I haven't seen it this side of Atlas Juggs. Yoo laughably argues the Cheney line that the Presidency is a hollow shell of what it is suppose to be both in the Constitution and historically (feel free to close your agape mouth at some point).

And just to let you know Yoo's remarkable consistent inconsistency on this matter, one need look no further than what Yoo said about "the Clenis" courtesy of guest poster Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left:

President Clinton exercised the powers of the imperial presidency to the utmost in the area in which those powers are already at their height -- in our dealings with foreign nations. Unfortunately, the record of the administration has not been a happy one, in light of its costs to the Constitution and the American legal system. On a series of different international relations matters, such as war, international institutions, and treaties, President Clinton has accelerated the disturbing trends in foreign policy that undermine notions of democratic accountability and respect for the rule of law.

John Yoo, not only sucks as a legal scholar, he sucks as a toady.

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