Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Who's sexy America?

Stephen Colbert that's who:

Is Stephen Colbert the hottest thing in TV news? Almost, according to a list compiled by editors at

Colbert, the 42-year-old anchor of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report," placed second on the list of "TV's Sexiest News Anchors," posted on Maxim magazine's Web site. Melissa Theuriau, anchor of French TV news magazine "Forbidden Zone," is No. 1.

Sexier than Katie's colon that man is.

The rest of the list I've included for one important point:

Kiran Chetry of Fox News is No. 3, followed by Suzy Kolber of ESPN; Melissa Stark of NBC/MSNBC; Bobbie Thomas of Fox Sports; Sharon Tay, former host of "MSNBC at the Movies"; TV personality Lisa Guerrero; Cinnamon Stouffer of CNN Headline News; and Lara Logan of CBS News.

Cinnamon Stouffer?

I admit I never watch CNN:Headline News for fear of a Glenn Beck or Nancy Grace siting, but there's a person on earth who chose to go by the name Cinnamon Stouffer and she's a news anchor and not a porn star (or a microwave pastry)?

Get the fuck out!


I just had a great idea, and I expect Time-Warner to compensate me when it is implemented. Anyone who has flown is aware of "CNN:Airport". Let's make Ms. Stouffer the lead anchor and change her name to....

CinnaBon Stouffer!

It's synergy dammit!!!

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