Sunday, September 17, 2006

Our "allies" the Pakistanis

Chicago Dyke had this up at Corrente yesterday and I admit I missed it. Apparently, so have many other people. From Soccerdad at the Left Coaster comes a disturbing story.

Remember Danny Pearl? The Wall Street Journal reporter who was murdered on camera in one of the many incidents that Bush used to justify bombing and invading, not just Afghanistan but anyone he damn well pleased?

Well, look who the Pakistanis have now freed thanks to their treaty with the Taliban?

Pakistan has reportedly released over 2500 foreigners many of who are member of Taliban or al-Qaeda.

Some of those releases reportedly include 3 people associated with the killing of Daniel Pearl, Fazl-e-Raziq: A senior aide to Osama bin Laden,Mohammad Khaled: A brigade leader who led the Taliban in against U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Ghulam Mustafa: “He was once close to Osama bin Laden, has intimate knowledge of al-Qaeda’s logistics and financing and its nexus with the military in Pakistan”.

Apparently, this is part of the “Waziristan Accord”, which

calls for the Pakistani government to “release prisoners held in military action and would not arrest them again,” and that is exactly what is happening.

Jeebus, the scary thing about the Bush Administration is no matter how bad it gets, and this is really pathetically bad (will James Taranto mention it?), it can always get worse. There is no bottom on the depths of their incompetence. Well, at least he'll always have petulance and love of flatulance.

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