Monday, September 18, 2006


Cyrus Nowrasteh, the writer of the revisionist fantasy, "Path to 9/11":

Despite intense political pressure to pull the film right up until airtime, Disney/ABC stood tall and refused to give in. For this--for not buckling to threats from Democratic senators threatening to revoke ABC station licenses--Disney CEO Rober Iger and ABC executives deserve every commendation. Hence the 28 million viewers over two nights, and the ratings victory Monday night (little reported by the media), are gratifying indeed.

As, expected, a bit fudged:

The Path to 9-11 averaged roughly 13.1 million viewers Sunday and 12.3 million Monday.

By my "democratic" math that equals 25.4 million. And while, I'm not a genius, I'm pretty sure most of that 12.3 million on Monday come from the 13.1 million on Sunday.

Little reported ratings victory on Monday? Why yes, against repeats new network programming managed to do okay...but not as okay as the actually reported ratings victor:

The first game of Monday night's double-header, the Minnesota Vikings beating the Washington Redskins, drew a 9.9 Nielsen Media Research household rating, with 9.18 million households and 12.6 million viewers, the biggest numbers in ESPN history.

Nice try at spin, you could have done better though. Close enough for Bush World.

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