Monday, September 18, 2006

The surge was simply the toilet overflowing

Far be it from me to blog this before our nation's foremost Rasmussen Daily Polling Report Expert, but all the hooey about Bush's comeback is demonstrating itself to be more hooeylicious than anticipicated ("Nobody anticipated ..."):

The latest Bush bounce is over. Today, 41% of American adults approve of the way that President Bush is performing his job and 57% disapprove. That’s exactly where the numbers were before the President’s 9/11 speech.

Overall, 21% of Americans Strongly Approve and 42% Strongly Disapprove.


Meanwhile, Colin Powell isn't alone in discovering his gonadial region, former Senator Jack Danforth has as well:

"I believe that homosexuality is a matter of sexual orientation rather than preference," he writes. "Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is, in my view, comparable to discrimination on other civil rights grounds. It is wrong, and it should be prohibited by law."

"I think that the only purpose served by the campaign for the amendment is the humiliation of gay Americans, advocated by the Christian right and eagerly supported by its suitors in the Republican Party," he adds. "In reality, it is gay bashing."...

...Some people have asked me whether America is a Christian country. The answer must be no, for to call this a Christian country is to say that non-Christians are of some lesser order, not full fledged citizens of one nation." Danforth is himself an ordained Episcopal minister.

Now, why do these people always discover "real balls" after they've left office, rather than the fake testicular display that comes when in office...bombing the fuck out of a third world nation?

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