Friday, September 22, 2006


You know that quality "historical" drama is truly coming when a movie is promoted as coming from the producers of "The Patriot" & "Independence Day".

After all there's no more realistic history than a single guy winning the Revolutionary War, when even George Washington couldn't make that claim by a long shot; and well, let's just say I was disappointed in how the alien invasion of earth was presented as it seemed to get most of the actual history wrong.

Some movies, you can tell, are disasters just in the commercials.

In "Flyboys", World War I dog fights are made to appear almost as realistic at video games, and a guy is shown, I'm not fucking kidding, running on top of a zeppelin that is on fire and is in the midst of becoming 'blow'd up real good'.

Um, yeah, that's how it happened. That and James Franco stopped the Germans by "out pouting" them.

Again, I haven't seen the movie, but I do believe that this review likely is accurate:

Near the start of Flyboys, the squadron's grizzled vet hands suicide pistols to the new pilots, to be used if they find themselves in a no-win situation. Unfortunately, the audience is offered no such option.

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