Wednesday, September 20, 2006


And a lack of understanding flows across extremism of all stripes. Shockingly, sockpuppetress Michelle Malkin who is four-square behind Bush sending muslims to their death without having rudimentary trial procedures is suddenly outraged when the shoe is on the other foot for people who did.

Glenn Greenwald gives the specifics:

According to the article to which Michelle linked, the complaint is that the Terrorists "were convicted by a trial riddled with illegalities, like witnesses who were not listened to and evidence that was rejected by the court." Wow -- a trial where the witnesses are not listened to and improper evidence was used. What kind of country would convict someone of terrorism using procedures like that? And what kind of disgusting barbarians would be opposed to having "the International Criminal Court in Geneva," pursuant to an international "human rights convention," demand greater legal protections for terrorists?

This post writes itself. For instance, I thought (from having read Michelle's blog) that people who were concerned about due process for Terrorists are themselves pro-terrorists. I wonder what it is about this case that makes Michelle and Gateway Pundit so concerned for the Rights of Terrorists when normally they mock those who express such concern? What's different here? Do Malkin and her comrades want to protect terrorists more than innocent people? Sure seems that way. And just look at how brutal and inhumane Muslims are -- convicting people of terrorism despite evidentiary irregularities in their trial. That is the Evil we are battling in our War of Civilizations.

Malkin and her ilk are "American Exceptional Exceptionalists" meaning the United States never can do anything wrong, even when it is doing things that they criticize other countries for or worse...unless of course, a non extreme-right Republican is doing it.

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