Friday, September 29, 2006

Um, yeah...

That's nice...

The Democratic vote in the Senate on Thursday against legislation governing the treatment of terrorism suspects showed that party leaders believe that President Bush’s power to wield national security as a political issue is seriously diminished.

You know what would have been more impressive?

Fucking killing this abomination!

I mean god forbid they do the "right thing" in addition to the political thing. How hard did they try to get those six votes to get a filibuster?

Look there's no doubt who the better of the two parties is (the question really is, do Americans want to lose the "war" and lose "themselves" at the same time or would they rather do neither?). Bush is a sociopath, a liar, and the greatest disaster as President since James Buchanan took his cocked head back to his Pennsylvania bachelor pad. Meanwhile, his party is his greatest enabler. DO NOT FUCKING FORGET THAT in your ire at the Democrats. Nevertheless, it is true that a little more spine and a little less calculation is what we, your fucking base, want.

I'm a liberal and I'm a Democrat, but most of all, I'm an American. And for this American this bill is the lowest moral & legal moment for the price of political expediency since Korematsu v. United States. And while far too many Democrats just folded on this, let's not forget the main agents of this botch. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

There is only one way to stop this shit and that is to kick the GOP out of control of Congress -- to some extent they need to be to save themselves as well. It won't solve everything, of course, but at a minimum it will curtail this shit.

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