Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Spot the Looney!!!

Granted it isn't god-awful hard:

Republicans joining the axis of appeasement [Michael Ledeen]
Kathryn, you said "natch" about Chafee signing on to the "civil rights for terrorists" movement led by the increasingly unstable Sen McCain. You might also have natched Hagel—who has never seen a tyranny with which he didn't want to have a deep philosophical discussion—and Lugar, who is the State Dept's ambassador to the Senate. Lugar is so desperately committed to the appeasement of Iran that he held hearing today in which there was not a single voice in favor of active support of the Iranian people.
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Other than sanity, rationality and an inability to not violate Godwin's law what is the difference between McCain, Hegel, Lugar and Ledeen.

Oh yeah, the first three all have actually served in the military.

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