Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Tony "Mooney Money" Blankley on the NIE:

Blankley: Because its not the end of the war yet! Because at this point, we're engaging the enemy. They're coming to the sound of our guns. We're fighting, they're rallying their side, we're trying to rally ours.

Matthews: What about Recruitment.

Blankely: Of course there's recruitment. You get more troops. As the war progresses, and then at some point you hope you that you overwhelm them - in this case a combination of ideas and struggle over a generation. But you can't measure the success of a war by stopping in the first few moments of it and say "there's more of the enemy."


What the fuck?!!!!

We have been in Iraq for more than 1,293 days by my count (and feel free to check my math, it is 4 a.m. as I write this). From Pearl Harbor to the Japanese saying "uncle" was 1,343 days (August 14, 1945). Our disastrous war in Iraq will last longer than our involvement in World War II, if one goes to September 1st, the day of the "formal" surrender near the 55th anniversary of Pearl Harbor (December 4/December 7).

Were the Japanese creating more fighters those last 50 days Tony? (If one want's to county from 9/11/01 BTW that's 550 plus days more, so Tony's at minus nearly a year and a half)

Generally the World War analogies are inapplicable, but on this score they are more than appropriate.

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