Saturday, September 23, 2006

On The Great Compromise

The MSM has for days now been spewing nonsense about the great compromise reached between the Cheney administration and three principled senators who had the courage to stand-up to the White House. No writer has said it better than Digby (Attaturk links below), who probably says exactly what most of us are thinking: once we begin debating just how much torture is acceptable, the debate is already over and lost. Here they talk as if compromise is always a good end, kind of like Joe Lieberman uses the word "bipartisan". There are times when the act of compromise is not a good outcome, when looking for middle ground is not a desirable end. Generally that is when we are talking about accepting a diminution in the principles and ideals that separate our society from those we could never imagine we could become.

There are times that winning an election is secondary to speaking the truth, though I do not see that the two are mutually exclusive. That the Democrats have yet to utter a word about the damage the Republicans are doing to the foundation of our society is more than disappointing, it is as bad as the compromise itself.

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