Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bernie Bada-Bing is Back, Baby!

Back in the news, that is. NYT:
Federal investigators offered to end their criminal investigation of Bernard B. Kerik, the city’s former police and correction commissioner, in exchange for his pleading guilty to charges that he engaged in federal tax fraud and wiretap conspiracy, but he refused, according to Mr. Kerik’s lawyer and a person briefed on the case.
Apparently, the plea negotiations went down last month. But Bernie didn't like the deal:

[T]he proposed deal would have required Mr. Kerik to serve some time in prison, and is one indication of how seriously federal prosecutors view the allegations.

Daniel C. Richman, a former federal prosecutor who is now a professor at Fordham University School of Law, said that when plea negotiations fail, federal prosecutors nearly always seek an indictment.

Oh, my.
An indictment would be a setback for the presidential campaign of [Rudolph] Giuliani, who supported Mr. Kerik in his failed bid to become the nation’s Homeland Security director in 2004.
And please, let's not forget who else is wrapped up in this whole mess: NY's failed candidate for (a) attorney general, (b) senator, and (c) courtroom reality show host, Jeanine Pirro.

Popcorn, people. Pass it.
Update: In comments, watertiger reminded me that another of Bernie's pals, Judith Regan, was in the news recently, too. Read all about it in this fantastically bitchy article from the March Vanity Fair.

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