Monday, August 20, 2007


GOP Donor/Whackjob Bob Murray got to do his old vaudeville routines and get his 15 minutes of fame, stretched out over two weeks. While six men have apparently been given up for buried...that news coming not from the song & dance man, but from a Vice-President of the Company.

Murray was there to soak up his fame, and give misguided tours to the press to try to win them over while the Federal Mine Safety Director Strickler stood there with his thum up his ass -- there wasn't a microphone Murray wouldn't throw himself in front of while 6 men lied buried and 3 more died trying to rescue them -- and now this:

"It's likely that these miners may not be found," Rob Moore, vice president of mine operator Murray Energy, told reporters earlier Sunday.

And for what? To extract the fumes of what was in the mine they were in:

The coal that rattles on conveyor belts out of the hillsides of east-central Utah sold for 50 percent more last year than five years earlier. In Crandall Canyon, the section the mine crew was working Aug. 6 had already been harvested and abandoned by a previous owner. The mine's new owner sent crews back in to gather more.

Now that there's bad news and abandonment after his promises of the opposite, Murray is suddenly scarce.


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