Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More like this please

Here's the source.

There's only two industries the Bush Administration has been good for. The Defense Industry and related entities & Documentary Film Makers.

Check out early on the black & white exchange between Senator Wayne Morse an Oregon Democrat who, along with Senator Ernest Gruening (Alaska - Democrat) voted AGAINST the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, they sadly were the only two. Years later we know that the incident in the Tonkin Gulf was completely fabricated -- Morse thought going to War in Vietnam was based on a twisted presentation of facts and a dishonesty between the White House and the American People from the very beginning.

Look at the clash with the 60s David Broder and you tell me, who history should vindicate.

Yet, do you remember the names, Wayne Morse and Ernest Gruening?

The prophets who argue AGAINST the mistake are never credited in their time and fade into the memories of history without due credit. Honor their memory now.

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