Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is that a hot poker being hammered up my ass?

No, its just Michael O'Hanlon back to whine & war whore in the Washington Post.

Oh lord...

Worse, Finer and critics such as Rep. Jack Murtha and Salon columnist Glenn Greenwald have suggested that our analyses are based on a few days of military "dog-and-pony shows." Our assessments are based on our observations as well as on years of study. That experience creates networks of colleagues such as military officers whose off-the-record insights can inform ours and who in the past have often told us when they did not think their strategies were working or could work. While hardly making us infallible, this also led each of us to oppose predictions of a "cakewalk" before the invasion and to join Gen. Eric Shinseki in criticizing invasion plans that had too few troops and too little thought given to the post-invasion mission.

You see Michael, this is not what I would call a "great" defense. The bottom-line is that you have supported and make excuses about supporting this war for the beginning. And here you are, all of your "experience" and your "network of colleagues" (all of whom fucked up or didn't give a shit about whether they were fucking up) and you supported this ridiculous, disastrous, tragic never-ending war.

You are an enabler.

And furthermore...

raqi civilian fatality rates are down. The U.S. military has reported throughout much of 2007 that extrajudicial killings -- largely revenge murders by Shiite militias against Sunnis -- were down substantially since January...

Your manipulation of government propoganda stats SUCKS!

Kevin Drum virtually wrote a prebuttal to your incredible, war mongering, murderous duplicity yesterday.

And then he did it again.

And then finally the fraud that the situation in Al Anbar province has anything to do with the surge.