Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have officially had it reaffirmed that

...while Larry Craig is arguably the dumbest man alive, his GOP colleagues are the biggest fucking jerks in the country.

You know, the man pled guilty to a misdemeanor. He lived the life of a hypocrite and continues to do so.

But lots of these assholes have cheated on their wives, like for instance John McCain, and they find gay sex unbecoming of a Senator, but wearing a diaper to a prostitute -- or just good ol' fashion cheating to be just fine (except of course for Democrats). And let's not even get into how much fun it is for some of these guys to brag about how they and a buddy managed to "beat up a guy for being gay" and treat it as a delightful yarn. I wonder how much Tucker bragged about this during the Matthew Shepard incident?

The fact is, there isn't much difference -- other than a chance to prove how much you hate "teh gay".

What a bunch of self-righteous pricks.

And this is without getting into the lies, spinning, enabling and malfeasance that goes into Iraq -- apparently the perpetual clusterfuck.

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