Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Un-Brainy Brian

Funny thing about representative government -- unless you are George Bush -- you have bosses that you can displease immensely. Apparently, the "dog & pony" show isn't very effective with Briny Baird's bosses.

Hundreds at a raucous and hostile town hall Monday night let U.S. Rep. Brian Baird know that they disapprove of his support for the troop surge in Iraq. Many suggested the Vancouver Democrat is not representing the will of his district...

"We don't care what your convictions are," said Jan Lustig of Vancouver. "You're here to represent us."

Lustig added, "You're not representing us with this stance."

To that, Baird quietly replied, "I understand." ...

"I disagree with you so profoundly," said David Piper of Vancouver.

The auditorium, packed with about 550 people, exploded in applause and cheers when Piper then said, "This administration takes us illegally into war. . . . Shouldn't we be getting rid of this administration?" ...

Phil Massey of Vancouver praised Baird for "all the good things you did for so many years. That being said, you've just broken my heart."

Massey added, "You've screwed up, my friend. You have screwed up, and you have to change course." ...

Bob Goss of Vancouver left before its conclusion.

On the way out of the auditorium, he recalled campaigning in his neighborhood last November on behalf of Baird.

And next November, when Baird might seek re-election?

"I'm seriously looking for an alternative," Goss said.

And there's more:

He was hammered by Jon Soltz, the young, good looking, charismatic chairman and co-founder of political action committee VoteVets.org. Soltz is also an Iraq war veteran, having served in 2003. Speaking calmly and to raucous applause, he said Baird (who recently returned from a visit to Iraq) was fooled “by a dog and pony show” and is unfortunately “providing cover for President Bush.”

Baird is a profile in courage imbecility.

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