Thursday, August 23, 2007

Even Money

Probably a payout not even the ever growing Bill Bennett would take that Al Maliki will be out soon.

But not just out soon, but fortuitously sometime between now and the Iraq War Talking Points Cavalcade of Mid-September. What with the NIE being leaked today about how the man Bush talks about God with is no longer great, but, in fact, terrible. It is clear now Maliki will go in a "timely" removal and a new "Crusader for Iraq" (surely the words then uttered by G.W. Bush) will be put in his place.

Ah, yes, a new leader requiring new support and a feeling that mandates optimism on pain of Joe Lieberman calling you a defeatist. Someone we need to give at least another Friedman or two, or hell let's make it three to. (F.U. F.U. F.U.)

A "Muslim You Want to Have a Beer with kind of Guy" Rich Lowry will call him in his ever deepening understanding of Iraqi culture.

It's all right in front of us, the THIS TIME IT'S DIFFERENT kind of thing, as the ever lasting Lucy Van Pelts of the foreign policy establishment crush the spirits of the rest of the nation and world like so many Charlie Browns.

You all know it's coming, Bobby Knight wants to you just lie back and enjoy it.

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