Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Montagne Pushes Saint McCain

Today on Morning Edition John McCain was interviewed about his new book Hard Call, presumably about profiles in the courage to required make tough decisions in life, decisions that might involve two possible bad outcomes. Interviewer Renee Montagne talks with McCain about the Iraq debacle as being one example of a tough call:

More recently, McCain has continued to support the war in Iraq despite opposition to the war by much of the public and even some Republican colleagues in the Senate.

"Every bit of knowledge and instinct, awareness and confidence that I have makes me believe absolutely that setting a date for withdrawal will result in chaos and genocide in the region, and we will then have to call on young Americans to make even greater sacrifices," he says.

McCain says the current military strategy is finally working.

"I want us out, too," he says. "But I have said on a number of occasions that I would rather lose a campaign than lose a war."

"This military, this Guard and Reserve are badly overstretched, but they are winning and I believe that they will, if given the time to do so," McCain adds. "Come next spring, I think decisions will probably need to be made, depending on our troop levels and depending on the success. But I think it's long and hard and difficult."

The interview notes cut off there so you'll have to listen to the link to get the exact quote, but here, loosely transcribed is what Montagne said in response to the last quote by McCain:

[E]ven the American military says this mission cannot be sustained over time. Is it possible that there's some wishful thinking on your part that this could really work? [McCain blathers more about winning] Montagne: But nobody is suggesting there is progress politically. Those that are left in the parliament are on vacation for this month. You can have success on the ground militarily and still end up with a losing proposition down the road when troops have to be pulled out.

Baby steps for sure, but a good job pushing him even a little. So much better than we see from most mainstream journalists. Good job, Renee.

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