Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sick and Tired

If you aren't sick and tired of being sick and tired of Bush and his cronies you should be. The bill of particulars is a mile long not the least of which is the administration's capacity for governance: 0. It has all come into stark relief lately with even conservatives coming out saying Rove has been a divisive figure and bad even for Republicans. Karma. I think I would enjoy it more if I, like every other poor sap in this country, were not a real victim of the junta running the show right now. And while on many days the Democrats don't look much better, and bear a significant share of the blame for not standing up when someone had to be counted, the mess we are in now is one for which Bush and Rove and Cheney are solely responsible. Without those three there would have been no Rumsfeld (and his flying monkeys including Addington) or Alberto Gonzalez or John Yoo or whomever you want to name here. They are bad people, each and every one, who care nothing of the greater good.

The worst of their offenses is not their failure to govern, it is the shambles they have made of the Bill of Rights. See Balkin and Lederman on the issue. Few people think or write on the issue better than these two, and what they have to say is sobering and leaves me thinking it is going to take a heroic effort to undo the damage wrought by Bush. I'm not counting chickens.

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