Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Apparently some don't love a parade

What Digby says.

One thing about an Inaugural Parade -- it is wonderfully silly. I mean I swear I saw a Hawaii float that saluted either ham or even better, Spam.

But the thing is, almost all these people traveled long distances, engaged in a lot of work and discomfort and feel the honor of performing before the President. Many of them are also young and this is the honor of their lives.

But two things pissed me off. First, the chatterers for the most part, couldn't be bothered to even identify who was taking part in the parade. I had the misfortune of watching CNN's coverage and after the first band, they completely skipped identifying the next performer in the parade (which just happened to be the Isiserettes Drill and Drum Corps from Iowa) and continued on not identifying everyone else. ABC did a little better from what I saw. But still shut up and let the people actually marching in the cold be acknowledged.

Second, there were a LOT of reserved seats close to the Presidential Review Stand that were empty. I assume those were reserved (as they always are). Those folks didn't bother to show. Maybe there's an explanation other than "I didn't feel like it" but I imagine there were a lot of people...say family members of the marchers who would have liked to have those seats.

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