Friday, January 23, 2009

"I'm just smart enough to know I've been called a moron"

Poor Michael Gerson, doesn't like this from Michael Hersch...finds it insufferable:

But there was a second, less sympathetic, Obama enthusiasm at work. In a Newsweek essay, Michael Hirsh mentioned Obama's racial achievement. But he went on to say that "there's something else that I'm even happier about -- positively giddy. . . . What Obama's election means, above all, is that brains are back." Hirsh declared that the Obama era means the defeat of "yahooism" and "jingoism" and "flag-pin shallowness" and "religious zealotry" and "anti-intellectualism." Obama is a "guy who keeps religion in its proper place -- in the pew."

Golly Gerson, as a guy who helped facilitate a Presidency that fucked up virtually everything it could fuck up, from gross negligence to deliberate indifference to depravity, I think you hate being called out accurately.


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