Saturday, January 31, 2009

Part of the Problem was Bush didn't believe in the 'Big Bang'

Golly, I hope, as Res Ipsa noted, it has a provision for paying taxes on time:

The Obama administration is gearing up for a “big bang” announcement next week that will combine a bank clean-up with measures to reduce home foreclosures and probably steps to kick-start credit markets.

The plan will involve an overhaul of the troubled asset relief programme – the $700bn bail-out fund – including strict curbs on compensation at banks receiving public aid. The Tarp overhaul is intended to restore public confidence in what is a deeply unpopular programme and ensure that taxpayer money is not used to fund excessive pay, bonuses and dividends to shareholders.

Oh, and new and grossly unpopular Rush Limbaugh and therefore GOP talking point on 3..2...1:

“There will definitely be a cap of some sort on bonuses,” said a Wall Street executive who has taken part in talks with the authorities. “The political climate is such that there is a need to punish Wall Street.”

Damn right there is.

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