Monday, January 19, 2009

Fund this man a movie hippies!

Sounds like something for the Andrew Breitbarts of the world to suck on:

At times, the multitudes seemed to dance as one, Americans from every corner of the country, of every generation.

Stephen Sherman danced wearing the jacket of his World War II uniform. Sherman, who grew up in an almost all-white town in Colorado, asked family and friends to give him only money on his recent 88th birthday so he could fund his dream: going to Obama's inauguration.

"I still got a mean dance," he said in between taking photos with dozens of new friends.

There is more on Mr. Sherman here.

Late last year, he had a strict message for the 100 friends and family coming to his 88th birthday party: No gifts. Just cash. He needed to get to the inauguration.

"The main thing is I want to get to the presidential ball and do the jitterbug with Michelle Obama," he remembered writing in his invites.

I hope (and think) he will get the chance.

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