Thursday, January 29, 2009


This is going to help so very much in the Muslim world.

ABC reports that two women have come forward to accuse the CIA's Algeria station chief of raping them. (Via TPMmuckraker.) The Justice Dept. has an investigation open into this guy, and he's innocent until proven guilty and all, but it's extremely hard to imagine two Muslim women living in a country where rape carries such an awful social stigma making a frivolous accusation.

But fear not, for the Debbie Schlussel's of the world the cause of the rape is the fact the guy is a Muslim. Always willing to toss more gasoline on the fire.

Yes, Debbie because we all know a Christian has never raped anybody ever so nobody can impute the entire faith because of it...just ask your local Catholic Parish.

Morons. Just stupefyingly bigoted morons.

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