Friday, January 30, 2009

Fudgy Bottom out of Foggy Bottom

Trimming the Shrubbery:

The smell of fresh paint wafting last week through the hall heading to the State Department cafeteria signaled the demise of the Bush Diplomatic Hall of Glory -- that series of lovely photographs that touted the 43rd president's world leadership and diplomatic victories.

With Bush out, the State Department has eliminated the "Glory Hall",

Loop Fans will recall that the exhibit of about 20 large color photos caused a bit of a stir back in 2003 when it replaced the long-standing array of black-and-white shots of historic moments. That included an original political cartoon from the Jefferson era and Woodrow Wilson at Versailles and Roosevelt and Churchill signing the Atlantic Charter and so forth.

The George W. Bush exhibit, the old-timers complained, was hardly more than a family travel album, showing him and Laura Bush traveling about the world, hanging out with foreigners, not exactly making history.

Now on to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and painting over the hallway murals showing Karl Rove "helping" various livestock over rural fences.

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