Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They're not booing, they're going Boooooooosh

As a citizen, of America and the world, I'm damn glad they're gone. But as a blogger, I tell ya' Mitch McConnell and Boehner are just not as ripe a target. If the GOP nominates an over-tanned, teary-eyed, chinless wonder in 2012 the material is going to seem awfully stale. If the Republicans would be so kind as to keep the talk shows ass-deep in Eric Cantor or Adam Putman it would help.

And speaking of ripe targets, even as Bush was booed and people pointed and laughed at Dick "Mr. Potter Blofeld Strangelove Judge Doom Ironside" Cheney, there was one man particularly beloved by the millions on the National Mall via National Review blogger Yuval Levin:
This was, understandably, a very partisan crowd in which I was badly out of place. The loudest boos, to my surprise, were not for Bush and Cheney, who got plenty, but for Joe Lieberman when he was shown on the huge television screens — more than one voice could be heard shouting “traitor” around where I was standing...
Welcome to the rest of your life Joe, and you didn't even get a dinner out of it.

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