Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is there no Continent Michael Gerson won't defile?

Michael Gerson and know this can't be good. Today he has a fit over Mark Dybol, Bush's Africa AIDS czar being told to submit his resignation and depart on Inauguration Day.

Golly, hard to believe the incoming Obama Administration may have wanted a guy who said this to leave:

Acknowledging that women are increasingly at the center of the pandemic, Dybul claimed that the Administration's ideologically driven program that focuses on promoting abstinence until marriage and faithfulness in marriage "might be the best way to encourage men to treat women better."

Ah yes, the famed shut up, put out and make me a sandwich method of "faithfulness". There was a special de-emphases on the use of condoms.

“There is a high incidence of infection amongst faithful wives of errant husbands. The woman most at risk is a woman in a monogamous marriage.” ...[M]any Ugandan women are not only powerless to resist their husbands’ sexual demands; they are also unable to compel their husbands to stop sleeping with multiple partners and/or to use condoms. For some women, the Human Rights Watch authors conclude, “rape and battery had literally become part of the fabric of their daily lives.”

Yeah, that sure sounds like a keeper of a policy.

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