Monday, May 18, 2009

5 plus years

And I've managed not to be accused of plagiarism.

Sometimes it pays to not be hooked up right (ed. or too popular).

MoDo, by the way, was really out there in the early portions of the 1988 election getting all huffy about Biden and Neil Kinnock. She played a big role in that whole debacle. So there's some justice in this.

Biden was speaking extemporaneously in a debate ... not in a column and with an editor. Furthermore, while speaking is an important part of being a politician/legislator/executive it's not the only thing (as Obama's far less eloquent critics constantly and inelegantly point out).

While being a columnist, well, the writing is pretty much the thing. Though for some, appearing on cable news appears to be the main point anymore.

Maybe it's time MoDo apologize to somebody? (well, add another to apologize to)

But that won't happen of course.

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