Friday, May 29, 2009

When Carson retired

It was a huge moment.

When Letterman finally goes, it will be similar, slightly diminished all-in-all because there are now so many late-night shows. But Letterman really shaped the sense of humor of people my age.

But this is Leno's last night on the Tonight Show, he's essentially been winning the ratings for nearly 15 years and yet...

How many people really care? Is anyone going to miss him?

I know he'll be back at 10 eastern in a few months or so, but other than low-overhead that's more a reflection of the death of network television than some sort of real measure of cultural gravitas.

All I know is that guy used to be rather funny, especially when Letterman boosted his career in the Late Night days, and now his major accomplishment seems to be that he's an inoffensive hack.

A comedic Perry Como.

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