Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Harriet Meyers card

This is the ultimate in hilarity. Some right-wingers apparently believe that because both Harriet Miers and Sonia (not Maria) Sotomayor have a v-jay jay they are IMMEDIATELY comparable.

You know, just like Clarance Thomas and William J. Brennan both had junk and are therefore, virtually twins.

Occasionally embellishing the findings of Economaniac, a Great Orange Satan diarist, they really are quite a comparable match:

Sotomayor Princeton summa cum laude : Miers Southern Methodist University (no honors), well, did "place" in beer-bong olympics.

Sotomayor Yale law review : SMU law school(no honors), graduating from the home of the NCAA "death penalty" is honor enough.

Sotomayor Prosecutor for Morgenthau : Miers no criminal law experience, but much experience with fellow unindicted co-conspirators.

Sotomayor 6 years as Federal District Court Judge : Miers No judicial Experience, although competent at writing "hand-crafted bedazzled gift cards" and
scrolling for, finding, and printing appropriate picture captions at "Daily"

Sotomayor 10 years on 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals : Meirs No judicial Experience, but has memberships at "CostCo", "Sams Club" and "BJ's" (Bush got
her that last one and was disappointed when he found out what it was)

Sotomayor adjunct professor NYU School of Law : Miers advisory board SMU law school, but hey, she helped get that "George W. Bush Lie-Berry" embedded on campus, so there's that -- SO SUCK ON IT BAYLOR!

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