Sunday, May 17, 2009

What really pleases the Villagers

Isn't policy, it's looking like you're "serious" about policy. Which means always treating "the left" as hopelessly naive and "unserious" (and to be fair the base-right as dumb, but at least they've earned it recently -- the left is "unserious" because "the left" was "right" about shit like, oh, Vietnam and Iraq and really, how fucking dare they).

"Serious" policy means being a dick. Oh, how they love the idea of big-bad-powerful America [in which they, the Villagers, get to hob nob, after all the frivolous people -- everyone else who isn't filthy rich or famous -- don't live there] compromising on moral idealism, like the people's right to know what it is the government has done, y'know since they're ostensibly the boss. Or that our centuries old legal system is just too fucked up to handle policies that came that way, no what we need is a "serious" person to just whip up something that doesn't rest on some centuries old time-tested system. Why that would be comically unserious.

It's so "serious".

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