Sunday, May 31, 2009

Date Night

The Obamas have a simple Saturday night date and both the RNC and the NYT show why they don't get it.

The RNC yips about Obama being "out of touch". RNC, what you don't get is this -- people like the Obamas. Try coming up with a health care plan, a serious budget, or an idea to generate a few million new jobs. Then again, don't. Because if you continue down this route, we'll never have to suffer through a Republican president again in my lifetime.

The NYC covers the RNC's whining. NYT, what you don't get is this -- your phony "balance" schtick was always bullshit, but never moreso in a human interest article about a presidential date. Try covering stories in a substantive way absent any your special brand of false equivalence. Better yet, try reporting the news without asking Karl Rove for permission.

By the way, Blue Hill, the restaurant where the Obamas ate, is terrific.

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