Monday, August 24, 2009

Always an asshole

Joe Lieberman's love of spending hundreds of billions on freedom through explosions knows no bounds. There are no limits to how much Lieberman would ask the American tax-payer over generations to pay for his beloved wars. If Obama, for some reason, called Joe up some evening and asked him to vote for $100 billion so as to bomb Tehran he'd have the supportive Op-Ed in Fred Hiatt's hands by the next morning.

But when it comes to providing policies that actually benefit Americans, in America of all places, like health care; no matter how small the relative price, it is too much for Senator "He's with us on everything except the War" (thanks Harry Reid).

"I'm afraid we've got to think about putting a lot of that off until the economy's out of recession"

But then again, Lieberman could be expected to do little else.

It reminds me of this little nugget from August of 2004 when we dirty effing hippies suggested that Bush was issuing terror reports for political reasons:

"nobody in their right mind" would believe that Bush would "scare people for political reasons"

Golly Joe, thanks for always being not only stupendously wrong, but also a real dick about it. After all as ranking member and then Chair of the Homeland Security Committee you never lifted a finger to get to the bottom of this or any other matter that might hurt your Republican buddies and indirectly your lovely wars.

Thanks so much for your decade of doing your level worst for the country. No wonder the Villagers love you.

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