Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Mike Huckabee is in Israel engaging in the kind of foreign policy adventure the GOP pretended Nancy Pelosi was engaged in two years ago when she visited Syria (with some Republican Congressman). He's there to show how AWESOME he thinks it is that Israeli is building even more settlements in the occupied territories. Thereby undermining the expressed foreign policy not only of the Obama Administration, but the last several of both parties.

Yet, it appears that Wolf Blitzer just doesn't care all that much when a Democrat isn't involved.

But there are some protesters in Israel who have figured out the very creepy basis that Mike Huckabee and other Christian fundamentalists are so keen on more settlements as soon as possible:

Protesters chanted "go home" one of the banners they held up said: "Huckabee, we are not pawns in your Armageddon."

Yes, finally, and if only the true basis of the Christian Right's real interest in Isreal is stated. It all helps bring about the rapture -- it isn't about anything else, or anything that isn't disturbing.

(AFP/File/David Furst)

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