Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Peter King has turned into Jenny Sanford

Only he allowed the love of his life to lie to him three (or is it four) times before he finally felt spurned.

But his attitude is even whinier and more petty than Jenny's attitude toward the object of his affections.

King's perpetual contact with football's leading Wrangler pitchman hasn't helped him divine Favre's ins and outs. "So now I've been wrong three times," King lamented last month. "I thought he was retired last year and he played for the Jets. I thought he was retired this year, and I said he'll come back to play for the Vikings unless his arm is a problem. His arm wasn't. And he still isn't going to play. That's why I give up." After Favre's move to Minnesota this week, it's time to update the tally: King has now been wrong four times.

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