Monday, August 31, 2009

Losing the Kennedys, keeping the Cheneys (OY!)

"...the Dick goes on, the prick
endures, the dope still lives,
and the man shall always lie."

It was quite a juxtaposition this weekend. If Saturday was for remembering the Kennedys, Sunday was for dealing with the Cheneys. Camelot vs. Torture-a-lot.

Dick was mumbling up a storm about how awesome torture was, including an even more twisted cheer of "drill, baby, drill!", to which the FoxNews position was F%@$ YEAH!!

Meanwhile, Liz Cheney, born in time to keep Dick out of Vietnam was on ABC working to keep Dick out of jail. Truly, the gift of a child that keeps on least to Daddy. With Liz's appearance, as Scarecrow mentioned for ABC it came down not to a means to an end, but rather just for the means themselves.

But at least CBS had John McCain on to say that Cheney is wrong and torture is wrong, but that torturing people should not result in any consequences for anyone actually torturing someone.

So in summary, we said goodbye to Ted Kennedy one day and the next we were deciding how much we as a nation can torture people. And even more disturbing were the proposed answers.

Nobody said "NO". Rather the responses were: "Yes"; "Oh Yes!"; and "Oh well".


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