Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well thank goodness

We now know that Sarah Palin quit being Governor so she could take time to find a ghost writer to write cogent sentences about the same old bullshit for her Facebook page.

Typical Republican, using Facebook in a Twittered world and thinking they're cutting edge.

But hiring somebody to do your work is, I guess, why Ol' Sarah isn't on MySpace.



A new analysis by Public Policy Polling (D) finds that Sarah Palin is especially popular with a key Republican demographic: The Birthers.

Among those respondents in PPP's latest national poll who either said that President Obama was not born in the United States or were undecided, Palin had a 66% favorability rating. Of the other three Republicans that were tested in the poll, Mike Huckabee was in second place at 58%, then Newt Gingrich with 46%, and Mitt Romney was last with only 43% favorability.

From PPP communications director Tom Jensen: "I mean this with all sincerity -- Romney's lack of popularity with the birther wing of the GOP really could scuttle his chances at the nomination in three years."

I know the media likes to pay attention to the various struggles of the Democrats in polling, but it ignores the fact the GOP is not exactly gaining in the interim, in fact they are in the toilet and not getting out.

Such is the state of the GOP that the guy who thinks he wears magic underwear is NOT CRAZY ENOUGH for the base.

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