Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The overcompensating assholes parading around an Obama event in Arizona turn out to not just be Timothy McVeigh impersonators, they turn out to be pretty much Timothy McVeigh wannabes.

While "Chris" was the guy who carried around the assault rifle at the Obama event in Phoenix yesterday, it appears to have been another guy, Ernest Hancock, who organized the whole thing. And Hancock, who was also on the scene with a holstered handgun, turns out to have had very close ties to a 90s-era Arizona militia group called the 'Viper Militia' most of whose members were eventually sent to federal prison on various weapons and explosives charges tied to plans to bomb federal buildings.

Meanwhile, remember the good ol' days of five years ago when you couldn't even wear a t-shirt that spoke mildly ill of George Bush in his majesty's general proximity?

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