Monday, August 17, 2009

Harvest of Lame

This morning Howard Kurtz is still wondering how the print media will survive?

I cannot believe that he is missing the business model that the New York Times adopted some time ago and which his own paper is now emulating.

The plight of the struggling wealthy taunted by their inability to have every luxury and convenience available to the even wealthier. And all this at a time when their local Costco has decided to stop stocking the 64-count Kirkland Brand tiny violins, or so their personal shopper tells them. Those poor suffering wealthy people are going to have to delay replacing that old Trinitron set in the guestroom with their fourth 58" plasma.

Why it's almost as if the editors and upper management of the Times and Post were fixated on their own six-figure salaries and smaller than the normal bonuses of recent years.

Imagine if Fred Hiatt only made in the high-five figures or less and had to worry about paying for his insurance premiums and the increasing tuition at a state school for his kids after he hasn't had a raise in five years?

Who would want to live in such a country where those concerns were common place, let alone report on them? The horror!

Certainly not the management our nation's most prominent newspapers.

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