Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been a great few days

For justifiably getting under media enabler's skin.

1. Aimai of No More Mister Nice Blog - ruins Joe Klein's cocktail weiners with the bitter taste of just desserts. BTW, she's I.F. Stone's grandaughter? How cool is that. In bizarro world that would mean she'd be a TV pundit, but that stuff is only for those who earn it by merit in this world. You know by being the child or grandchild of a Joe McCarthy enabler.

2. Jeremy Scahill has the effrontery to call Chuck Todd on stuff he actually says on the air -- Todd gets all offended like a good villager. Not because what Scahill said isn't true, but because it made Chuck's goatee droop in shame on Bill Maher's show when Chuck wanted to look cool.

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