Friday, August 28, 2009

If you've ever wanted your chance to tell Randall Terry

"You really, really suck"

And you live near or close to Omaha...

Well, here's your chance:

The Nebraska National Organization for Women is coordinating the counter-protest demonstrations against Operation Rescue, Rescue the Heartland, and Nebraskans United for Life on Friday August 28th and Saturday the 29th outside of the Bellevue Health Clinic located at 1002 W. Mission Avenue in Bellevue, Nebraska.

Nebraska NOW and NOW members from thoughout the country will assemble with other pro-choice activists from around the country to protect and defend Dr. Carhart’s clinic in Nebraska.

We need you there. If you cannot be present at the clinic we can still use your help in many other ways. Please contact me if you want more information or if you would be willing to help.

Erin Sullivan
Nebraska NOW and Omaha NOW President

With the murder of Dr. Tiller, Carhart is the last place in Nebraska offering this service and the only one between Des Moines and Denver. No doubt the man has gotten many threats on his life - by people who would do it. The kind of people who listen to assholes like Randall Terry.

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