Friday, August 21, 2009

Just wondering

When Odoacer was at the gates of Ravenna in the late Summer of 476 A.D. do you think the Romans inside sat there shouting "SPQR! SPQR! SPQR!"?

Because John Cole is exactly right, the mantra of the Republican Party the last decade or more has been to address ALL MATTERS whether for or against them by shouting "USA! USA! USA!". And if you don't you HATE the same.

This mantra is directly related to this, the most mind-numbingly defiant and stupid interviewer I've ever seen outside of the FoxNews big three -- and probably worse when you get down to it.

Remember when the Soviets were mocked in our propaganda because they allegedly claimed they invented everything?

Well, welcome to the Republicans perpetual 5-year plan -- the kind of thing they'd have you believe only Kim Jong-Il does.


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