Sunday, August 30, 2009

Banned Words of 2010™: Waning Summer Update

Because it's never too early to put the world on notice.

New items in BOLD. Add your suggestions in comments.
  1. Recession
  2. Gunman
  3. Bonus
  4. Teachable Moment
  5. Lockdown
  6. Too big to fail
  7. Octomom
  8. Toxic assets
  9. Stress Test
  10. Obamism
  11. Green shoots (re the economy)
  12. Temperament
  13. The New New (or The New Normal)
  14. Twitter
  15. Bánh mì
  16. Swarovski crystals
  17. Empathy
  18. New media, including but not limited to "Social Networking"
  19. Closely watched yardstick
  20. Compromise/Bipartisan
  21. Emboldened
  22. Cougar
  23. Serious
  24. Walk back (As in Republican and former Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo is walking back his comment about La Raza being 'The Latino KKK (except that he didn't ever walk them back now, did he?) Josh Marshall: I love you; but you've run "walk back" into the ground.)
  25. Fascism (All references to this right-wing ideology outside serious works of history or political theory must die.)
  26. Statement Jewelry (Not the jewelry itself, just the stupid, ubiquitous term used to describe it).
  27. Perfidious (You can thank Steve Simels for this one. His overuse has diluted whatever punch it once packed forever.)
  28. Gang of [INSERT NUMBER HERE] (re douchebag senators or congresspeople who are trying desperately to impede progress.)
  29. Socialism (All references to this left-wing ideology outside serious works of history or political theory must die.)
  30. Czar/Tsar (unless discussing the Romanovs) (Sandia Blanca, from comments)
  31. Devastate/Devastated/Devastating (Can we get some perspective with regard to this one, please? You not getting into Harvard Law and having to "settle" for NYU is not "devastating". Devastate means " to bring to ruin or desolation by violent action" or "to reduce to chaos, disorder, or helplessness". You missing out on a trip to Cancún because a tropical storm precluded your plane from taking off is disappointing, not "devastating". Sheesh.)
  32. Post-Racial (guessed from comments)

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