Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can This Presidency Be Saved?

(I am posting on a PDA, so please excuse the typos.)

Did you read Bob Herbert today? If not, you should, even though I can't figure out how to link to it right now.

Herbert is right -- an entire year has neen wasted dicking around, only to result in a health care bill the public doesn't understand, the congress won't defend, and the president won't support. The only thing worse than Dems who lose, apparently, are Dems who actually win.

Last night, a friend and I discussed whether Obama is salvageable. Our conclusion is that he is, but only if he gets his shit together right now.

The Senate should do Obama a favor and can Bernanke. The hope is that it will wake Obama up, prompt him to kick Geithner to the curb, and send Summers (and maybe Emmanuel) to an island someplace..

My hedgie friends keep telling me that the second half of the dip is imminent. Obama ought to get the team he needs to deal with that in place now.

Don't let the Senate make the decision for you, Mr. President. They are, by nature, a collection of preening, bloviating, anti-Democratic fucktards. Cut your losses, don't look back, and lead now.

P.S. To Chris Dodd re your warning that the economy will go into a "tailspin" if Bernanke is not re-confirmed; go to hell, which is to say, go be a lobbyist already. You"re obviously qualified for the job.

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