Saturday, January 16, 2010


It's Saturday morning, I was up late, slept late (by my standards) and am completely out of ideas -- as I have been for several years but at least I'm up front about it -- so let me note that as Digby notes (as opposed to Digby says) Rush Limbaugh is doubling down on the offensive.

Let's summarize it, as the commentor there noted...

Limbaugh is disparaging a humanitarian effort by the U.S. military. He is disparaging a mission that should make our military proud. He is disparaging our military! Why is he on Armed Services Radio?

Brown people are to be bombed, not helped -- when you can't blow 'em up, let 'em be crushed, bled, or starved to death. Oh, no it's not racism.

I'm sure if this had happened in say, Great Britain, or even Russia or Japan nowadays there'd be a lot less talk of such matters. Hell, during the Bush Administration there was a massive earthquake in Qum, Iran or Pakistan a few years ago that we provided massive assistance to, not a peep out of Limbaugh. When the US military provided the lead in humanitarian assistance in the wake of the horrible tsunami I'm pretty confident the Limbaugh archives would be loaded with praise of the military's response. But Gawd-forbid a Democrat do the same thing, especially a black Democrat assisting with humanitarian relief to a predominantly black country on our god-damned doorstep.

I'm sure this is exactly what Jesus would do right?

The right-wing assholes (and truly they are assholes) are unrelenting in equating the keystone cop actions of the Nigerian Ball-Burner and the Obama Administration's response (which even on the literal level was twice as prompt as the Bush Administrations --- doubly ironic as it's one of the handful of actions I have NO problem with the Bush Administration's actions -- along with in, what triple irony -- their reaction to the Christmas Tsunami) to how the response was made to a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions.

More than 50,000 people -- poor black people which no doubt plays a part in their rank inhumanity -- died in this tragic event.

So in one fell swoop, mocking the poor, mocking the dead, mocking the black, mocking the American military, mocking morality, mocking humanity. All in one fell foul swoop.

Has Howie "the Putz" Kurtz mentioned it yet?

Certainly not on his Twitter page... several mentions of Conan O'Brien though, following his obsession with Tiger Woods and David Letterman's private lives.

That's our Putz for ya'.

The leaders of the conservative movement ladies and gentlemen, never to be called to account.

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